Update: Fair Play and Automation

Hi Captains! We would like to provide an update about our recent post: Fair Play and Automation. In this post, we outlined our recent actions against users that have actively breached our EULA, resulting in a large number of suspended accounts. After a thorough and extensive investigation, we

Introducing: Senate Wars!

Hi Captains! The Galaxy Council is bringing civilization to a sector near you! The Galactic Council allows players to take direct control of in-game events, scheduled to launch in early December. The Council's first round of voting will be for Ship Battle Modifiers during Tournament Finals. The Council will

Celebrate Pixel Starships with Google Play!

Hi Captains! It's raining Starbux! Join us to celebrate the success of Pixel Starships on Google Play PC with an exclusive offer. From October 15th to October 31st, 2022: Purchases made on Google Play in Australia: Get 10 AUD (7 USD) cashback on your first Google Play purchase

Galaxy Patch Notes V0.992

Hi Captains! Please find the latest Patch Notes below. This update is now available on Android, iOS, and Steam. Please contact our Support Team if you experience any problems updating the game. V0.992 Changelogs: New Ingredient Selection panel when Combining Heroic/Special ItemsNew "Ship Has Crew" AI ActionsUpdated Bio Recycling Menu UIAdded

Developer Update – Tournament Finals

Hi, Captains! In the past few days, we have been made aware of a bug that could cause incorrect PvP battle outcomes. We understand the severity of the issue and related gameplay issues previously reported. The accuracy of multiplayer battles is paramount to the Tournament system,

Community Q&A – Hosted by Apex

Hi Captains! Our studio director here at SavySoda, Xin, recently participated in a short Q&A session to cover some of the most upvoted questions from the Discord Community. This session was held in a live video chat format and was generously hosted by Apex - our lead

Fair Play and Automation

Hi Captains! We would like to take a moment to touch on the current state of Fair Play in the game. We have recently banned a large number of accounts for breaching our EULA, underlining our firm standing when dealing with these cases. Using automation tools to

Galaxy Patch Notes V0.991.3

Hi Captains! We hope you have been enjoying this year's Moon Festival! With so many New Events, Galaxy Map Encounters, Features, and balance changes in the works - we haven't had a chance to review our last Tournament Prize! August's Prize featured a Special Hand Slot Item,