Sneak Peak: v0.999 Feature Update

Hi Captains!

Our next Major Update is just around the corner, including a massive amount of great changes, new features, and awesome content!

In preparation for the upcoming launch, we would like to provide a quick preview of some of the new additions players can look forward to.

Sneak Peak: New Collection Bonuses

One of the most exciting changes included in this major update is the new Collection system, including over 20 new and updated Collections and mechanics!

Time to unveil each of the New Collection Bonuses coming in this update:

Collection NameAbility NamePerk Details
SavySodaFizzyChance to gain an extra Ability Charge when using an Ability
CatsNine LivesResurrect on Death, 80-sec Cooldown
Office WorkersPrinter RepairCast Urgent Repair when repairing. 20-sec Cooldown
CrittersBloodthirstyCast Bloodlust on Hit. Single-Use
Alien TechReinforceAdds 10 Armor to Each Room visited. Maximum additional 20 Armor per Room
GrayCryo FieldEnemies Frozen by Attacks no longer reset Action Timer
VisiriLevitateReduce Damage Received by x% for 3-sec when taking Fire Damage
Lost LoversFirst KissRevived by your Lost Love on first Death
SeafoodSlipperyHalf Damage from first x instances of receiving Damage
Task Force XmasGiftedDrop an explosive Gift on Death
SpookyInfectedSummon a Zombie on Attack
SymphonyFeedbackIncrease Damage of next x Weapon Room Shots by 25%
The VoidWarpCast Phase Shift when Frozen
Joseon TradersCivilizedPermanently Increased Repair Stat
Egg HuntersSugar RushPermanently Increased Run/Walk Speed
AnimatronicsRiggedExplodes on Death, Damaging Enemy Crew in Current Room
Galactic MarinersMariner PowerStart Battle with an Arty Pet
Cosmic CrusadersSelflessHeal 1HP for all Crew in the same Room on Taking Damage. 3-sec Cooldown
DrakianFire BreathCast Arson after Teleporting
AthletesTeam SpiritClear Room Debuffs when Attacking Enemy Crew. 3-sec Cooldown
ArdentMinesweeperDestroy the first x encountered Mines

Full details for Crew Count requirements and Maximum values for each instance of ‘x’ will be available after release. You can also find a preview of the upcoming New Collection art here.

Notably – some Legendary Crew will proceed without a Collection, reflecting their current strength.

We would like to note our deep appreciation for our valued testers for providing feedback, testing, and lengthy discussions about each of the new Collections and their mechanics. Thank you!

Sneak Peak: CRISPR Training

As part of Patch 0.999, players will be able to enhance their Crew Rosters using the new CRISPR system.

Once researched – duplicate Crew of the same or lower Level can be consumed to improve the target Crew’s Maximum Training Potential.

CRISPR is available for Crew at any Level or Rarity Tier, aiming to provide a new alternative to DNA Blending and traditional Roster management.

Each upgrade will consume 1 duplicate crew of the same type to progress through Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers. Bronze provides an initial boost of 20 Training Points, Silver a further 10 points, and Gold a final 5 points.

Existing Training is not reset when increasing the Maximum Training Potential of your Crew.

Sneak Peak: Improving Recruitment

Recruiting Crew will see several improvements as part of this update.

The maximum cost of Beer Draw from the Star Bar will be reduced from 350 Starbux to 300.

The maximum cost of Advanced Beer Draw from the Star Bar will be reduced from 900 Starbux to 750.

PLEASE NOTE: Any players that have recruited Crew from Beer Draw and Advanced Beer Draw from the 17th of April onward will receive the difference in Starbux refunded to their account.

Shortly after this update, we will also be launching a new system to guarantee a higher rarity Crew after a set number of Crew have been recruited.

Other improvements will be added in the future to improve Crew acquisitions. Details will be available soon.

Sneak Peak: Mass Teleporter Room

Introducing the Mass Teleporter Room! Available at Ship Level 12, MTLP is capable of teleporting up to 3 Crew at once, but with a significantly longer Reload and Cooldown time when compared with the existing TLP Room.

Sneak Peak: New and Improved AI

v0.999 will also introduce new AI options, enabling new possibilities for Crew and Room AI Strategies.

New Conditions:

  • Special Used
  • Ship Power
  • Power Reduced
  • Available Power
  • Damage Resistance
  • Reload Time Remaining
  • Cooldown Time Remaining

New Actions:

  • Set Android Item by {Stat}
  • Set Craft Item
  • Skip Next Actions
  • Keep Current Power

Thank you for taking the time to check out some of the new content about to drop for Pixel Starships! Full Patch Notes will be available for version 0.999 upon release.

Good Hunting, Captains!

-SavySoda Team

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