Sneak Peek: Upcoming Content!

Hi Captains!

We hope you have been having some great matchups during this week’s Tournament Finals. This month’s prize will feature a new Hangar Room Skin Kit, with a unique version for the top-ranked Fleet.

In case you missed it, January’s Prize introduced brand new Special Tier Turret Modules to the game, the DFA Lazer Turret, and Egress Lazer Turret!

The Egress Lazer Turret is currently available in the Dove Store.

Sneak Peek: Crew Collections

The team has been working on a huge amount of new content. Each addition will drastically improve gameplay options, focusing on expanding player choice. In particular, the Crew Collection System is seeing a major upgrade.

12 new collections are being added to Pixel Starships. Several existing Collection Bonuses will also be reworked – underlining each Crew selection as a meaningful and strategic decision.

Over 120 previously unrepresented Crew, from Unique to Legendary, now belong to a Collection.

Collection Bonuses have been reworked to perform in a more meaningful and engaging way during Ship Battles.

Some of the new Bonuses include:

  • Chance to Summon creature when Attacking
  • Explode upon Death
  • Chance to cast Urgent Repair when Repairing
  • Increased Walk/Run Speed
  • Increased Armor for Current Room
  • Reflect all Damage while Frozen
  • Clear Room Debuffs when Attacking
  • Cast Bloodlust on when Killing another Crew
  • Chance to spawn with extra Items

Each Collection will include a new Achievement and in-game Pin.

While this feature is in the final stages of development, we will continue to improve each Collection as testing is being finalized.

Sneak Peek: Testing Ground/War Games

Soon, players will be able to enter into a Ship Battle with several preset Enemy Ship Challenges.

Initially, these Battles will allow players to test and improve their current Layout/Strategy while competing for a ranking on a Global Ladder.

Placing on the Ladder will provide in-game rewards and bragging rights.

Once further developed, this feature will also include Special Event Ships that can break the limits placed on regular Hulls.

These targets will each require unique considerations and a strategic approach to overcome new dangers; Unlimited Room Counts (Hangar, Shield, Super Weapons), Disabled Room Types, Crew Bosses, and a variety of Unique Victory states/requirements.

Sneak Peek: Galactic Wormholes

Many players have asked for a new type of challenge across all levels of progression, a mode not constrained by daily limits.

Galactic Wormholes introduce multi-battle incursions. Each Wormhole will steadily increase in difficulty based on: the Terms or Environment for the next Battle, choices made earlier in the incursion, and continuing Player Debuffs and more.

Players will need to make important decisions at set intervals throughout each wormhole to progress as far as possible. Rankings, Rewards, and Achievements will be available for every Captain cunning enough to survive the toughest Wormhole Incursions.

Stay tuned as we plan to announce more details very soon.

Sneak Peek: Ship Level 13

Similar to other Major Ship Hull upgrades, Ship Level 13 will also provide access to a new Room Type. This new design will play a strong role in Ship Layout, buffing each room directly adjacent to its current position.

Level 13 will include several other surprises, but for now – you can check out some of the new Ship Hull art below.

Updated Room Skins

As part of a future update, all Room Skins will become available for Rooms at any level!

All players will be able to use their hard-earned cosmetic layouts immediately, rather than waiting until the desired Room is max level.

March AMA LiveStream

Our Community Manager Drama Llama will be hosting an AMA session with Lead Developer Xin this week!

Players can catch the Live Stream on the Official PSS Discord on Friday, 1st of March at 01:00AM UTC (Thursday 29th Feb at 8:00PM EST).

If you would like to post a question, please post it in the AMA thread under the pss-feedback section on Discord.

Thank you for taking the time to check out some of the new content for Pixel Starships. Stay tuned for announcements about our new dedicated Battle Sync Server and upcoming changes for Crew Abilities.

Good Hunting, Captains!

-SavySoda Team

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