Galaxy Patch Notes V0.998.16

Hi Captains!

To celebrate the launch of the UGC submission tool, we are kicking things off with a wave of 3 brand-new Room Skins created by players!

Congratulations to Sir Javaer (Wolfy Studio), Zixia (Zixian Gas Refinery), and KRURK (Viking Protection Runes)!

The new Skins can be accessed by selecting the Room Info Skin Panel and purchased using Starbux. Each designer will receive 10% of the Starbux when a player purchases the skin.

To submit a Skin, head over to the official UGC Design Page.

Please find the latest Patch Notes below. This update is now available on Android, iOS, and Steam.

Please contact our Support Team if you experience any problems updating the game.

V0.998.16 Changelogs:
  • Rush Command formula has been updated!
  • All Captain Crew Stats have been rebalanced!
  • Captains will be able to change their Captain Crew via the website soon
  • Stasis Shield now prevents Power Supply from Reactor Rooms
  • Crews will no longer reposition Mid-combat
  • Corsair EMP Duration increased from 3.75 to 4.5 seconds
  • All Crafts now Pause their Reload Progress when they have no Target
  • All Crafts now Pause their Reload Progress when the Enemy Ship is Cloaked
  • EMP no longer resets Mines/Turrets, but instead extends Activation Time
  • Added Stamina AI Conditions
  • Added Current/Target/OriginRoom Max HP AI Conditions
  • Added “Target Another Room” Action AI Conditions
  • Added “Is Invulnerable” AI Conditions
  • Added “Friendly Room Destroyed” and “Enemy Room Destroyed” AI Conditions
  • Added “Starting HP” AI Conditions
  • Added “Set No Target” AI Action
  • Added “Is Currently Healing” AI Conditions
  • Added a Manual Command option for selecting ‘None’ as a Room Target
  • All existing HP AI Conditions will now reference Starting HP (Previously MaxHP)
  • Added explanation of Fleet Gifts in Bank Purchase Info
  • Added support for Shield Overcharging
  • Added support for Crew Freeze effects on Weapon Room Attacks
  • Fixed a display bug with Season Pass Rush UI
  • Fixed a display bug with Galaxy Map Mission List UI
  • Fixed a bug preventing Room Skins from applying immediately
  • Fixed a bug preventing certain game sounds from playing correctly
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect Kamikaze Craft pathing when switching Target
  • Fixed a bug causing EMP effects to overwrite each other incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug causing the Escape option to be usable during Battle Verification
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect values for Target Rearm Queue Verification

Thank you for all of your provided feedback, leading to many of the changes noted above. You can join these discussions in the Feedback section of our Official PSS Discord and on our subreddit.

Good Hunting, Captains!

-SavySoda Team

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