Galaxy Patch Notes V0.988

Hi Captains! We hope you all had a fantastic start to New Year! This year will bring multiple exciting updates, including new core content and gameplay features! More details will follow the upcoming 2021 Tournament Winner Winning Captains, Fleets, Top 100 and 2022 Tournament Armor reveal. For the

Galaxy Patch Notes V0.987

Hi Captains! We hope you have been enjoying this year's Thanksgiving celebrations! This update includes significant changes to the Crew Training System and Training Consumable Items. Please find the latest Patch Notes below. This update is now available on Android, iOS, and Steam. Please contact our Support Team if you

Galaxy Patch Notes V0.986.3

Hi Captains! We hope you have had some excellent match-ups in last month's Tournament Finals. September's Prize will feature a brand new Skin Design for the Fusion Reactor Room! Check out a preview of the new Design below, available in the Dove Store now! A unique version

Introducing: The Crystal Plague!

Hi Captains! Today we are thrilled to announce an upcoming feature to Pixel Starships. Introducing: Season Rewards! Seasons will focus on a distinct theme and event, updating game lore and granting access to unique rewards. Each Season will last 2 months (or 8 weeks). The first chapter begins