Galaxy Patch Notes V0.999.4

Hi Captains!

Today’s patch addresses several issues users have reported since the launch of Version 0.999.

It also includes 3 brand-new Room Skins created by players via the UGC submission tool:

Congratulations to Túathal (Desecrated Ion Cannon), ac1rn (Bifrost Teleport), and spark (Repurposed Prism Generator)!

To submit your own design or Vote on future skins, please visit the official UGC Design Page.

Please find the latest Patch Notes below. This update is now available on Android, iOS, and Steam.

Please contact our Support Team if you experience any problems updating the game.

V0.999.4 Changelogs:
  • New ‘I’m Famous!’ Cosmetic effect for CRISPR Crew
  • Ship Upgrade Requirements lowered across all Levels
  • Added a small Mineral Cost after a very large number of Battle Searches to improve Matchmaking Balance
  • Increased GDS Range by 100 and Min Range to 200
  • Increased AA Range by 100
  • Craft Launch Speed bonus reduced to 50%
  • Added Long Distance Decoy Drone to Decoy Drone Bay
  • Decoy Drone Bay Reload Time increased by 1.5 seconds
  • Catapult Craft HP increased by 1
  • Catapult Craft Attack Reload Time reduced by 1 sec
  • Catapult Craft AttackDistance reduced by 100
  • Interceptor Craft System and Crew Damage increased to 0.3
  • Interceptor Craft Reload Time increased to 40 frames
  • Overcharged Ion Core Volley increased to 6
  • Overcharged Ion Core AP Damage increased to 0.1
  • Unstable Ion Core Volley increased to 9
  • Unstable Ion Core System Damage increased to 1.5
  • Unstable Ion Core AOE Radius increased to 250
  • Medbay now Heals any Crew inside the Room – even when not Targeting the Medbay
  • Anti-craft Missiles are now redirected if Target is lost
  • Phase Shift and Bloodlust no longer overwrite existing versions of a higher Duration
  • Symphony Collection Perk now distributes the Damage Bonus equally over entire Volley
  • Starbases now ignore Module Level Requirements
  • Starbase Laboratory is now available at Starbase Level 1
  • Temporarily disabled “Set No Target” Manual Command button
  • “Target Another Room” AI will no longer check for category type
  • Replays will no longer prevent Selecting a Room from displaying its Current Target
  • Crews can now be Blended via drag and drop into the Bio Recycler Room
  • Haptic Feedback is now available for specific Trigger Events on mobile devices
  • Objectives Notification count now appear on Ladder Menu
  • Added Origin Room variants of Reload Time Conditions
  • Added Origin Room variants of Cooldown Time Conditions
  • Fixed and improved Market Filter/Search System
  • Attempted Fix for a bug returning Modules to Inventory upon Battle finalization
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect display of ‘Too many Ship Battles’
  • Fixed a bug causing Boost Gauge to display incorrect values when used on Research
  • Fixed a bug causing Medbay Room to continually Heal via Power assignment AI
  • Fixed a bug causing EMP preventing Modules from functioning correctly
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect display of Turret Module stats
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect display of Tutorial Arrow
  • Fixed a bug causing Self Destruct Crew Ability to Damage Current Room
  • Fixed a bug causing Damage Resistance AI Conditions to reference incorrect values
  • Fixed a bug causing selected Target lines to disappear when viewing Replays
  • Fixed a bug preventing “Power Output” AI Conditions from functioning correctly
  • Fixed a bug preventing correct “Skip Next Ammo” AI Action behavior
  • Fixed a bug preventing Immunity Items from being Usable
  • Fixed a bug preventing Crew Rarity Requirement checks from including all Rarities
  • Fixed a bug preventing Translation data from being downloaded correctly
  • Fixed a bug preventing Room Upgrades from maintaining Room Skins
  • Fixed a bug preventing Ammo Items from updating after Ammo Research
  • Fixed a bug preventing display of the “Gifted” Collection Ability Description
  • Fixed a bug preventing “Resurrection” Collection Ability for Cats and Lost Lovers from functioning correctly
  • Fixed a bug preventing Subscription Join button in Ground Battles from functioning correctly

The Brito-bots are coming! Prepare yourselves Captains – The Interstellar Independence Event will begin on June 21st.

A new Battle Season – Olympiad Astra – will begin on the 28th of June, so don’t forget to claim your current Season Rewards!

Thank you for all of your provided feedback, leading to many of the changes noted above. You can join these discussions in the Feedback section of our Official PSS Discord and on our subreddit.

Good Hunting, Captains!

-SavySoda Team

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