Galaxy Community Update 8

Hi Captains!

Warning: The Rush Command Special Ability will change as part of the next update scheduled in mid-April.

We are hoping to provide as much warning as possible for any users currently looking at updating their roster.

Rush Command Changes

The new Description for Rush Command: Instantly increases reload progress of the current room by X% divided by the room’s max power.

The formula for X% is as follows:

(1+(ABL/50)) / Room Max Power

Importantly, this means that Crew with Rush Command will increase the progress of a 1 Power Room without investing any points into their Ability Stat.

However, Rooms with 4 Power or more will require a larger investment in the Crew’s ABL stat (proportional to the increase in Max Power).

Rebuilt Battle Sync System

Over the last few months, the team has been hard at work on a new system to tackle issues where Battle results do not match the Starlog.

This week, A new system was introduced to the game, providing a dedicated server to re-run and certify any battle results that did not match the predicted outcome.

This also helps us track and take action against attempts to edit battle results and prevents user attempts to change outcomes by force-closing the game.

Thank you for your patience while this system was being built. As a major hurdle for ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience, we needed to ensure the appropriate level of dedication.

Please report any strange instances of desynced Battle Results to us via email or on the PSS Discord linked below.

UGC: First Submission Review

Many players have submitted fantastic Room Skin designs via the UGC Page – great work!

The team will review all submissions to select the first user-made Room Skin to add to the game in 1 week. Visit the page to Vote on which design you would like to see added to the game.

The winning designer will see their work added to the game, receiving 10% of all Starbux proceeds when another user purchases the Skin.

Players can purchase the new Room Skin by selecting the ‘Skin’ button inside the Base Room’s Info Panel.

If you are still hoping to submit a design but won’t be able to upload it in time for the first review, don’t worry! We will be performing these reviews regularly.

A guide on creating and submitting your own UGC Design is available here.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Prestige Tree options will change on the 1st of April! Any Crew Prestiges started before this time will still proceed to their current prestige combination results.

A new Battle Season is scheduled to kick off this Wednesday, the 20th of March. Prepare your Ships for: The Great Hunt!

Sweet chocolatey goodness – an Eggstra Planetary Easter begins this Tuesday, the 19th of March!

Limited edition Consumables, Equipment, Room Skins, Hulls, Crew, Encounters, and more will be available for a limited time until Tuesday, the 2nd of April.

Thank you for taking the time to check in on the latest Community Update for Pixel Starships. We welcome all thoughts and feedback related to these changes in the Feedback section of our Official PSS Discord and on our subreddit.

Good Hunting, Captains!

-SavySoda Team

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