Galaxy Patch Notes V0.998

Hi Captains! This Major Update focuses on Fleet Starbase Expansion, including a brand new Room design: The Debris Harvester! Generating random raw materials that can be collected by Fleet Members, the Debris Harvester has limited capacity, requires Supply to be recharged, and refreshes every 12 hours. Before we

Galaxy Patch Notes V0.997.4

Hi Captains! Please find the latest Patch Notes below. This update is now available on Android, MacOS, iOS, and Steam. Please contact our Support Team if you experience any problems updating the game. V0.997.4 Changelogs: New Skin system for Rooms and Ammo(Crafts/Missiles)New Co-Pilot Vest, Co-Pilot Trousers, Co-Pilot Cap EquipmentNew Daily Missions

Introducing: A New Skin System!

Hi Captains! We hope you have had some excellent matches during July's Tournament Finals, and are enjoying the End of Summer Splash. The Tournament Prize for July was a Limited Edition Skin for the Small Reactor Room, Summitran Reactor Core! An alternate version, Gerbaltech Kinetic Reactor is

Galaxy Community Update 7

Hi Captains! We hope you have had some excellent matches during June's Tournament Finals. The Tournament Prize for June was a Limited Edition Accessory, Summit's Sphere! An alternate version, Hydrone 2.0, is now available in the Dove Store. Pixel Starships will be seeing many significant changes in the

Upholding Fair Play: Action Report

Hi Captains! Recently, we became aware of an unfortunate situation where some players found and exploited a duplication bug associated with our Battle Pass feature, detailed here. This bug allowed certain players to gain an unfair advantage over others, disrupting the balance of the game and the

Officially available Steamdeck, Mac, PC

Dear Pixel Starships Community, We are thrilled to announce that your favorite interstellar strategy game, Pixel Starships, has officially launched on SteamDeck, PC, and Mac platforms. This marks a new milestone in our journey to bring our game to a wider audience, and we're incredibly excited

v0.996 Release Notes

Pixel Starships is now available on Steam MacOS and Steamdeck!Implemented ability to opt out of all LLPVP battles for the dayItem and ship assets will now be downloaded on demand instead of being downloaded entirely on loginImplemented support for Attack Distance mechanic for craftsImplemented support

Fairplay & Exploit Notice

There has been a recently discovered exploit that allows duplicate items to be created from the battle pass. We have now deployed a fixed exploit. Please note accounts that have been found to take advantage of the exploit in a significant manner are in breach of

v0.995 Release

Hi Captains, Hope you have an exciting weekend planned in the galaxy. We'll be rolling out our 0.995 server and client shortly. V0.995 Changelogs: Reduced number of redundant objects created in battleFixed ability icons appearing on crews in inventoryFixed a bug with invalid/expired global markers being displayed