Community Q&A – Hosted by Apex

Hi Captains! Our studio director here at SavySoda, Xin, recently participated in a short Q&A session to cover some of the most upvoted questions from the Discord Community. This session was held in a live video chat format and was generously hosted by Apex - our lead

Fair Play and Automation

Hi Captains! We would like to take a moment to touch on the current state of Fair Play in the game. We have recently banned a large number of accounts for breaching our EULA, underlining our firm standing when dealing with these cases. Using automation tools to

Galaxy Patch Notes V0.991.3

Hi Captains! We hope you have been enjoying this year's Moon Festival! With so many New Events, Galaxy Map Encounters, Features, and balance changes in the works - we haven't had a chance to review our last Tournament Prize! August's Prize featured a Special Hand Slot Item,

Introducing: The Spice Trade!

Hi Captains! Experience a re-energized Galaxy Map, lively with activity. The Spice Trade establishes regular Ship Battles, separated into 3 level tiers, with a steadily increasing difficulty and set of rewards. Boss Battles, Rare Events like Stardust Comets and Treasure Fleets, Traveling NPC Merchants and a host

Galaxy Patch Notes V0.988

Hi Captains! We hope you all had a fantastic start to New Year! This year will bring multiple exciting updates, including new core content and gameplay features! More details will follow the upcoming 2021 Tournament Winner Winning Captains, Fleets, Top 100 and 2022 Tournament Armor reveal. For the