Galaxy Patch Notes V0.961.1

Hi Captains!

Please find the latest Patch Notes below. This update is scheduled to roll out on Android, iOS and Steam over the next few hours. MacOS version will not be included.

Please contact our Support Team if you experience any problems updating the game.

V0.961.1 Patch Notes
  • Updated to new Halloween Icon
  • Improved Crew Level Bar visibility
  • Dove Store Purchase confirmation now provides Item Information
  • Cybership Has been added to the Shipyard
  • Remaining Attempts for Tournament Battle are now be displayed during Matchmaking
  • Asset download prompt will now only show for Mobile Devices
  • New Current/Origin Room is EMPed AI Condition

  • Fixed an error that occurs while opening the Ammo Crafting menus
  • Fixed a bug with the Recaptcha Quiz not triggering correctly
  • Fixed a bug with Market filters not being able to display Leg Equipment
  • Fixed bug with Promotion UI assets not being downloaded
  • Fixed a bug with Lvl 7 Fleet Starbase grid layout
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Panning when Scrolling the GM Mission List
  • Fixed a visual bug when accidentally Tapping a Crew while in Build Mode
  • Fixed an issue with Keyboard Input Fields on Android 11 Devices

We have some exciting news ahead, but for now – prepare yourselves for a Spooktacular Halloween, Captains!

-SavySoda Team