Galaxy Patch Notes V0.960.0

Hi Captains!

Please find the latest Patch Notes below. This update is scheduled to roll out on all Platforms over the next few hours.

Please contact us if you experience any problems updating the game.

V0.960.0 Patch Notes
  • Introducing Gas Lazer Research! Mining Lazer’s level 8 or higher can now select the Gas Lazer Loadout
  • Updated Sprites for new Weapon Skins
  • Added new VIP Story-arc for Subscribed Accounts
  • Added new UI Display for Completed/Collectable Objectives
  • Added new Superweapon Exteriors for each Race
  • Superlaser Shield Damage reduced from 5 to 3
  • Superlaser now applies System Shock, a short-length EMP (EMP Length 40)
  • Reduced Power Capacitor build time to 0
  • Power Capacitor Armor increased from 30 to 50
  • Missiles no longer move in a 3D path in Battle
  • Dropship Crew Mineral prices are now capped at 4 million Minerals
  • Dropship Sale UI will now be refreshed when any new Crew are obtained in the Ship Scene

  • Updated RNG algorithm for Battle Mechanics to be more randomized
  • Updated Translation and Localization for all in-game text
  • Temporarily removed support for Thai language for iOS 13 and above
  • Added default text for Crew Collections Panel while on the Ladder Menu
  • Added support for Marker Count requirements
  • Added support for Training Completion Local Notifications
  • Greatly reduced Memory Usage in Galaxy Map
  • UI buttons are now Disabled after selecting a Galaxy Map UI element
  • Star System names will now Fade out when Searching for a PvP Battle
  • GBay Market now requires Email Verification
  • GBay Market now checks for Cloned/Destroyed versions of an Item for sale
  • Improved accuracy of the GBay Market Item Search results
  • GBay Market Results now highlight the Query Text for added clarity
  • Improved reliability of service for Chat/Market/inbox messages after network instability

  • Fixed an issue with latest Starlog entries not appearing in Announcements Menu
  • Fixed a display bug with Battle Replays not ending with the correct End Frame
  • Fixed an issue with inconsistent Repair Times for Level 11 and 12 Ships
  • Fixed an issue preventing Friendly Battles from appearing in Starlog
  • Fixed an issue with Crew Abilities locking User Input for Ground Battles
  • Fixed an issue resulting in an error when Inspecting Player Ships
  • Fixed an issue with “Storage Full” messages when receiving an Item
  • Fixed an issue with Scrolling speed when editing AI
  • Fixed an issue where Cancelling a Mining Drone Mission would not refund the Drone visually
  • Fixed an issue where previously completed Missions weren’t registered as Completed
  • Fixed an issue where tapping “Explore” repeatedly would sometimes cause a disconnect and game restart
  • Fixed an issue with Mission Markers showing on Galaxy Map locations without any Missions
  • Fixed an issue where invisible Star Systems could be Selected
  • Fixed an issue with Travel and Route selection estimates when Travelling to a Galaxy Map location
  • Fixed an issue preventing a Fade out for the Mission Victory Panel in Storyline Missions
  • Fixed an issue where Ship Exteriors would not display in PvP Search Results
  • Fixed an issue with Durendal’s Qtarian Hazard Mission resulting in no Player rewards
  • Fixed an issue with Limit Requirements for Dove Store Purchases
  • Fixed a number of incorrect Item Descriptions
  • Fixed a number of Infected Ships, Missions and Crew still displaying ‘Infested’

As always, we would like to thank everyone for your valued feedback – leading to many of the changes listed above.

Please keep an eye out for updates regarding the new Tournament System soon. Good hunting, Captains!

-SavySoda Team