Galaxy Patch Notes V0.998.1

Hi Captains!

Today’s Patch includes a number of significant improvements to the Rearm System, and to address incorrect Battle Sync results.

Game Performance and Reliability are extremely important to us. We will continue to focus on improving these systems until all issues are resolved.

New to the Dove Store this month is the LION Cannon Skin! This fiesty design includes unique Room and Ship Exterior art.

Please find the latest Patch Notes below. This update is now available on Android, iOS, and Steam.

Please contact our Support Team if you experience any problems updating the game.

V0.998.1 Changelogs:
  • Target Build Queue is now visible in the Ammo Crafting Menu
  • Rearming no longer splits Ammo Crafting between multiple Rooms
  • Individual Ammo Rooms can now be Rearmed based on their Target Build Queue
  • Reduced Shield Damage of Overcharged Ion Core to 0.3
  • Reduced Level requirements for Defense Platform Rooms
  • Adjusted Catapult Damage across all Levels
  • Increased Catapult Missile Flight Speed to 15
  • Increased Starbux Printer upkeep costs
  • Increased Lightdriver Item variant ENG Stat to 9
  • Moon Cake Cut Item can no longer be Traded
  • Battle Season Premium Rewards now include Special Crew Pods
  • Improved performance of Battle Result Desync System
  • Improved performance by reducing the number of Camera systems in Ship and Battle scenes
  • Increased speed of Canceling Ammo Crafting when Button is held down
  • Fixed a bug preventing Swapping Rooms if the Target Room is Under Construction
  • Fixed a bug preventing Scratchy Item art from downloading correctly
  • Fixed a bug preventing the display of Galaxy Map Resource Panel Shortcuts
  • Fixed a bug preventing the display of Anti-Air Room Range Indicators while viewing Ship’s Exterior
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Ammo Crafting Mass-build slider from correctly referencing Max Queue
  • Fixed a bug preventing Battle Replays from stopping Special Ability AI after a Manual Command
  • Fixed a bug causing unobtainable Skins to be displayed in the Skin Menu
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect Resource Conversion when Building a Starbase
  • Fixed a bug causing the Announcements Menu to display an additional Scrolling Bar
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect display of LLPvP Item Reward quantities

A new Battle Season is scheduled to kick off this Sunday, the 22nd of October! Prepare your Ships for: Darkstar!

Trick or Treat! The Galaxy-wide Halloween Event begins this Friday, the 20th of October.

Unique Decorations, Challenges, Missions, and Haunted Ship Battles will be available for a limited time until Friday, the 3rd of November.

Thank you for all of your provided feedback, leading to many of the changes noted above. You can join these discussions in the Feedback section of our Official PSS Discord and on our subreddit.

Good Hunting, Captains!

-SavySoda Team

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