Galaxy Patch Notes V0.997

Hi Captains!

We hope you have been enjoying your escapades in the galactic frontier, and are well-prepared for the coming Tournament Finals!

The following Patch Notes have been broken into two separate parts: those currently released, and those to be released once Tournament Finals have finished. This has been done to prevent any adverse effects on competition through unknown changes and new content additions.

Please find the latest Patch Notes below. This update is now available on Android, Mac, iOS, and Steam.

Please contact our Support Team if you experience any problems updating the game.

V0.997 Changelogs:
  • Stasis Shield will now prevent the function of Engine Rooms
  • Total Engine Evasion is now displayed as a Battle Stat
  • New Crafted Equipment: Mach Helm, Mach Flightsuit, Mach Sabatons, Q2, Q2-DQ, The Side Piece, Hand Solo
  • Reduced crafting costs of Focus Shiv, Scoped Med Spoon, Iron Fist, and Visiri Gunner Greaves
  • Ace Flightsuit base Pilot Stat increased to 12
  • Updated BFR explosion Animation
  • Updated Status Bar UI displays
  • Updated Bridge Room Logo
  • Training Consumables now display Max Stats Gained correctly
  • Improved Live AI Event Rewards
  • Implemented Forced Steam Achievement Sync on Login
  • Implemented support for new Requirement Conditions
  • Implemented support for Minimum Range for AA Rooms
  • Implemented support for Radius-based random Targeting
  • Implemented new Pathing for Kamikaze type Crafts
  • Fixed a bug with Matchmaking Screen Ship displays
  • Fixed a bug with pathing for FlightType.Homing Missiles
  • Fixed a bug with chat UI when Blocked Users are present in Chat
  • Fixed a bug enabling multiple Spice Trader purchases
  • Fixed a bug preventing Room Skin Items from being usable from Inventory
  • Fixed a bug preventing Market/Inbox cells from refreshing
  • Fixed several bugs when Borrowing Fleet Crew

The following changes will be available after June’s Tournament Finals:

  • New Crew: Bug Hunter and Black Beard
  • Special Crew: Whaler updated to 2 Equipment Slots
  • Updated Spice Battles to the Visiri Faction
  • Engine Dodge formula updated to have Diminishing Returns, making it impossible to reach 100% Dodge
  • Hangar Reload Times increased to 7.5 seconds, Drone Hangar Reload Times increased to 8 seconds
  • All Non-Combat Rooms’ default Armor has been increased to 400
  • MML (Multi-Missile Launcher) Room renamed to AML (Auxiliary Missile Launcher)
  • New Rocket Artillery Launcher Room
  • New Guardian Defense System (Multi-Target AntiCraft Room)

  • All AntiCraft Rooms now use PLT as Support Stat
  • All AntiCraft Rooms Range increased
  • All AntiCraft Rooms Reload Time increased
  • All AntiCraft Rooms Max Power reduced back to 2
  • New Origin Room Craft/Android Deployed AI Condition Types

  • BFR changed to fire a 5HP Craft, now uses PLT as Support Stat
  • BFR now deals 120 AP Damage, 80 Crew Damage, and 12 Hull Damage
  • BFR renamed to BFB (Big Flying Bombshell)

  • HDL changed to fire Missiles, now uses ENG as Support Stat
  • HDL changed to 400 Radius
  • HDL now deals 25 Volleys of 3.5 Crew/AP Damage, 0.5 Hull Damage, 0 System Damage
  • HDL renamed to HAL (Hwacha Artillery Launcher)

  • SPL changed to use a new version of Unique Random Targeting
  • SPL Targeting will select Rooms within a 500 Radius from the Target Room
  • SPL has a 1.5 second delay before Firing
  • SPL Volley reduced to 15 Shots of 3.5 Crew/AP Damage, 0.5 Hull Damage, 0 System Damage

  • Kamikaze crafts will no longer immediately Miss when Target is Cloaked, instead hovering over the Target
  • Prism Craft will now have Random Unique Targeting
  • Prism Craft will select Rooms within a 250 radius from the Target Room
  • Shieldbuster Craft Shield Damage reduced by 0.1, HP reduced by 1, and Reload Modifier reduced to 100%
  • Bombshell Craft Damage has been reduced across all Levels

  • Avenger Defense System Room now has 500 Min Range
  • Seeker Defense System Room now has 1500 Min Range
  • Seeker Defense System Room now has reduced Reload Time, Damage increased to 3

Please Note: All Balance changes are tentative and subject to further tweaks pending review

Celebrate freedom throughout the Galaxy this weekend with the start of the Intergalactic Independence Event!

During this 2 week celebration, players will have the opportunity to earn a huge variety of Equipment, Cosmetics, limited edition Crew, and in-game challenges. Intergalactic Independence comes to a close on the 6th of July, so make sure you don’t miss the festivities. Double Crew XP will also be active all weekend!

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Prestige Tree options will change on the 1st of July! Any Crew Prestiges started before this time will still proceed to their current prestige combination results.

In case you missed it, the team recently posted a new Q&A session, hosted by Community Manager Apex!

This session includes numerous balance questions from the community, featuring developers Xin and Kildare. You can find the session uploaded to our YouTube Channel here.

Thank you for all of your provided feedback, leading to many of the changes noted above. You can join these discussions in the Feedback section of our Official PSS Discord and on our subreddit.

Good Hunting, Captains!

-SavySoda Team

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