v0.996 Release Notes

  • Pixel Starships is now available on Steam MacOS and Steamdeck!
  • Implemented ability to opt out of all LLPVP battles for the day
  • Item and ship assets will now be downloaded on demand instead of being downloaded entirely on login
  • Implemented support for Attack Distance mechanic for crafts
  • Implemented support for Unique Random targeting type for weapons
  • Implemented support for charge delay for instant attack weapons like Lasers
  • Fixed crew training complete notification icon not disappearing after confirming it
  • Fixed several UI issues with market filters
  • Updated crew cost calculation formula to include lowest crew rarity in purchased pool
  • Friend Search will no longer query server after every input but instead only at submit
  • Added submit button for Friend Search
  • Replaced Tutorial Text-To-Speech with improved voiceovers
  • Battle transition screen will now properly show ship exterior paint, turrets, and skins/effects