v0.995 Release

Hi Captains, Hope you have an exciting weekend planned in the galaxy. We’ll be rolling out our 0.995 server and client shortly.

V0.995 Changelogs:

  • Reduced number of redundant objects created in battle
  • Fixed ability icons appearing on crews in inventory
  • Fixed a bug with invalid/expired global markers being displayed for collection
  • Updated starlog display for Tournament and Revenge battles
  • Fixed training timer being destroyed when viewing progress
  • Added minimum ship level and verified status requirement for user chat reports to be accepted
  • Added support for custom merchant ship sprites
  • Selecting weapons rooms in battle will now display targeting line between the selected room and current target
  • Improved RNG calculation algorithm to be more random
  • Fixed UI issue with ammo info menu
  • Fixed UI issue with research menu
  • Added Help page for crew menu
  • Fixed a bug where item menu UI doesn’t update correctly after using a room construction speed up item.
  • Fixed a bug with Steam achievements not updating correctly
  • Weapon Platform rooms ammo rearming can now be rushed
  • AA rooms will now lose their current craft targets when the ship is cloaked. They will then obtain a new target when cloak ends.
  • Mission ship battle logs can now be viewed in starlog.