Fair Play and Automation

Hi Captains!

We would like to take a moment to touch on the current state of Fair Play in the game.

We have recently banned a large number of accounts for breaching our EULA, underlining our firm standing when dealing with these cases.

Using automation tools to interact with the market, gather Starbux or transfer items is a banned offense under Section 11 – Account Suspension.

We take Market Integrity very seriously, continually expanding our systems to detect and respond to the use of automation tools.

To be clear: Any tool that performs more than one in-game action per button press, or controls multiple accounts at once, will classify as automation. The use of these tools can quickly snowball to undermine the efforts of legitimate users.

We will continue to take strong action against the use of automated tools and their potential effect on the player base.

Additional thanks to everyone who has taken the time to submit a report or provide feedback on this issue, helping to uphold fair play for all players.

-SavySoda Team

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