Galaxy Community Update 6

Hi Captains!

We hope you have had some excellent match-ups in the Tournament Finals so far. This month’s Prize will feature a brand new Skin Design for the Galaxy Gym Room!

Check out a preview of the new Design below, available in the Dove Store on the 1st of March. A unique version will also be awarded to the Top Ranking Fleet for February.

We would like to take this opportunity to preview some of the new features coming to Pixel Starships in the near future – with more announcements to follow. (Please Note: These features are currently tentative, and may change prior to release).

Legendary PVP League

A new league is coming for standard PvP Ship Battles! Legendary League is an exciting new top tier that allows the most dedicated player’s increased rewards, including daily Dove Points! Some details regarding the Legendary League are still tentative to change.

  • Players enter the Legendary League bracket after passing 5,000 Trophies in Standard PvP.
  • Each Player will have a maximum of 20 Attacks and 20 Defense battles per day.
  • There is no Immunity in Legendary League.
  • Players do not lose Trophies for a failed Attack – only a failed Defensive PvP Battle.
  • Players do not lose Resources or Ammo from a Defense PvP Battle.
  • A Successful Defense will reward the League Bonus.
  • Players can now access Dove Points as a reward for completing all allocated Attacks in a single day!

Resource Salvage

Room Salvage values are being enabled! The Salvage value of a Room increases the amount of Minerals or Gas gained from a successful Ship Attack or Defense.

  • Salvage is unique to Resource Production Rooms (Example: Gas Collector).
  • PvP League Bonus values are not affected by Salvage.
  • The Salvage value is generated, and is not taken from your opponent’s Resources.
  • Mining or Gas Lazers and Resource Storage Rooms do not provide a Salvage bonus.
  • Scanning a ship will display any increased gains from your current Salvage bonus.

Fleet Gift Rewards

Have you heard about Fleet Gifts? Fleet Gifts are provided as a special bonus when making any marked purchase!

Fleet Gifts contain random in-game Items and are automatically distributed for your Fleet to claim. This content is a bonus for being in a fleet when making a purchase, and it will not reduce the value of any purchase pack.

We hope this free content lets you share the excitement with your Fleetmates, should you choose to generously support the game by making a purchase. As always, thank you for your support.

Don’t forget: An Eggstra-Planetary Easter is just around the corner! This year will introduce a new fluffy-tailed menace. We strongly advise against approaching this individual directly, Don’t let his cuteness fool you…

Thank you for taking the time to read this update, and for catching up with how things are progressing. Additional thanks to everyone who has taken the time to provide their honest feedback and suggestions.

For updated sneak peeks and teasers as we progress, stay tuned on our Official PSS Discord and on our subreddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels.

Good Hunting, Captains!

-SavySoda Team