Galaxy Patch Notes V0.985.1

Hi Captains!

Please find the latest Patch Notes below. This update is now available on Android, iOS, Steam and Mac.

Please contact our Support Team if you experience any problems updating the game.

V0.985.1 Changelogs:
  • Added New (Experimental) Lighting System for Ship Interiors
  • Added New Module Type: Turrets
  • Added 3 Turret Modules: Auto Gun Turret, Auto HMG Turret & Advanced Sentry Turret
  • Added 3 New Crafted Items: Wallhacker, Noscope-360 & Dark Matter Drone
  • Added 4 New Android Crew: RU5-7Y, Savyserver, Android 47 & Drakodroid
  • Added New Daily Mission Set to the Discovery & Rigel Systems (Levels 6-7)
  • Added New Daily Mission Set to the Eurynome System (Levels 8-9)
  • Added 3 New Daily Mission Sets to Whitestar, Capella & Vega Systems (Levels 9-10)
  • Added Tech Collection to Crew Collections
  • Added New Fleet Announcement System
  • Added New Alarm for Low Ship HP & Timeouts during Battle
  • Added New League Rank-Up animations
  • Added New Loading Screen images
  • Shields now Support decimal values
  • Rebalanced Shield Generator Room Stats
  • Rebalanced Photon Phaser, Photon Disruptor, Irradiator & Railgun Room Stats
  • Rebalanced Superlaser Superweapon (EMP duration reduced to 2 seconds)
  • Rebalanced Missile and Multi-Missile Rooms (Max Ammo Increased for Levels 10-15)
  • Rebalanced Ghostly Charles Crew: ATK from 2.2 to 3.2 | RPR from 1.8 to 1.2 | AP from 200 to 240
  • Updated Item Options Menu UI
  • Updated Requirements UI Display
  • Updated content and Rarity of Quantum Container
  • Updated several Crew Profile Images
  • Switching between Room Variants/Skins of the same Room Level is now Free
  • Client Version Number is now displayed in the Options Menu
  • Implemented Support for Replay Validation from Defender’s PoV
  • Implemented Support for continuous Heartbeat Connections
  • Optimized handling of Loading Timeouts/Disconnections
  • Optimized handling of Item Duplicates
  • Optimized handling of Asset Download Errors
  • Refactored Grid implementation to improve Performance
  • Fixed a bug preventing Task Progress from Updating
  • Fixed a bug preventing Pop-ups for new Fleet Messages
  • Fixed a bug preventing Use of Room AI Chips
  • Fixed a bug preventing Heroic Rarity Item Multi-crafting
  • Fixed a bug preventing Background Ship Chat Bubbles
  • Fixed a bug preventing a ‘Continue’ option in Mission Dialog
  • Fixed a bug preventing correct function of 3D Positional Sounds
  • Fixed a bug preventing Laboratory Room from Switching Variant/Skin
  • Fixed a bug allowing Users to Login to an Account that is currently Online
  • Fixed a bug displaying incorrect Damage Stats in Research Menu
  • Fixed a bug causing Mission Background Assets from Displaying
  • Fixed a bug causing invalid Replays
  • Fixed a bug causing Invalid Asset Downloads
  • Fixed a bug causing invalid Ammo Sync Validation
  • Fixed several bugs with Crew Menu UI

Thank you for all of your provided feedback, leading to many of the changes noted above. You can join these discussions in the Feedback section of our Official PSS Discord and on our subreddit.

WARNING! Reports from the Outer-Systems indicate a powerful new enemy; One that may threaten Liberty and Justice across the Galaxy…

Stay tuned for an exciting new Event, this June!

Good Hunting, Captains!

-SavySoda Team