Galaxy Community Update 5

Hi Captains!

We hope you have had some excellent match-ups in the Tournament Finals so far. This month’s Prize will feature a brand new Skin Design for the Plasma Discharger Room!

Check out a preview of the new Design below, available in the Dove Store on the 1st of June. A unique version will also be awarded to the Top Ranking Fleet for May.

Next week will see the launch of patch .985, including a tonne of exciting new content and technology. Leading up to and after the launch, Galaxy Crafting Lines are being expanded with New Equipment.

Still to come: expanding the Spire Drone Accessory Line, and the Gravity-Loader Hand Lines!

New Synth and Android Crews have already started appearing in the Galaxy, with more to come! Could this mean the Tech Collection is returning? Perhaps one of these bolt-headed rust buckets will know…

Version .985 will also introduce a new lighting system for Pixel Starships! While still in the very early stages of implementation, we will continue to improve this system for an emotive, immersive experience.

The update will include new sets of Daily Missions for Level ranges 6 through 11, with more information to follow in release notes.

Version .985 will also see the release of the new Turret Module Type. We will be closely monitoring their performance in competitive PvP, and look forward to your feedback.


In the interest of transparency and fair play, we have made several improvements to GBay Market Protection. Please note that this is an ongoing process. We will continue to absorb feedback and tune these changes in a live environment for total data accuracy.

An unprecedented Live Event will be starting mid-June, bringing new Crew, Cosmetics and a quirky new Daily Mission to a Galaxy in turmoil! Check out some of the concept art for this event from our art team:

Heads up for all 3rd Party Community Tool Authors! API Access & Info will be changing on the 1st of June. Please access for future development.

Thank you for taking the time to read this update, and for catching up with how things are progressing. Additional thanks to everyone who has taken the time to provide their honest feedback and suggestions!

For updated sneak peeks and teasers as we progress, stay tuned on our Official PSS Discord and on our subreddit, facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels. Good Hunting, Captains!

-SavySoda Team