Galaxy Community Update 4

Hi Captains!

We hope you are enjoying our Eggstra Planetary Easter escapades. The selected prize for March’s Tournament is the Experimental Gas Storage Skin Kit!

Experimenting with alien gases… What could go wrong?

We’d like to take this opportunity to discuss some of our recent changes, and to preview a small portion of our plans for 2021.

New Turret Module Type

Turret Modules will target any Enemy Crew in the Room they are placed in, damaging the Crew at set intervals. Turrets can target Enemy Crew who are traveling through the Room.

Turret Modules can only target 1 Crew at a time, but keep their reload progress for the next target. Material costs for Crafting and Upgrading Turret Modules will be available after release.

Shipyard Launching New Hulls

The Galaxy’s finest architects have announced that 3 brand new additions to the Shipyard are landing soon! Each design was created by our Kickstarter Sponsors, working closely with our Art and Design team.

Thank you for your dedication and responsiveness throughout this lengthy process. Each designer has also received a unique Sticker and in-game Badge – see if you can spot them amongst the other Stars!

Boost Gauge

The experimental Boost Gauge feature will conclude shortly. If your account was selected for participation, we thank you for your help and any feedback provided. Boost Gauge delivered a sub-optimal experience compared to the control group and we will be winding up this feature.

Players will receive a refund of Starbux for any research and some additional credits for helping with the test. Please keep an eye on your Inbox for confirmation.

Thank you for helping to test this feature with us and we have more exciting experimental features in the pipeline.

Fair Play Statement

We would like to take a moment to touch on the current state of Fair Play in the game. We have recently banned a large number of accounts for breaching our EULA, and would like to underline our firm standing when dealing with these cases.

We take Market Integrity very seriously, having a strong effect on the Player Economy, and will continue to expand our systems for detection and response. Players who breach the EULA are not able to dispute action on the basis of the Tournament being active.

Finally – thank you for all submitted User reports. Even though we have a more robust system in place, direct reports are still greatly appreciated.

Expanded Crafting Lines

Players can soon expect to see new items added to the game to fill out currently under-represented crafting lines. Any Equipment Slots missing a Rarity or Stat variant will be added, similarly balanced to sit just below Tournament rewards.

Alongside these new items, we will be overhauling current crafting Material costs for a more realistic model. In particular, existing Modules will see a noticeable reduction in base Material costs.

2020 Top 100 Reminder

Ranking players in the top 100 for 2020, and members of the winning Fleet at years end, have been contacted via email to request delivery information for the yearly prize.

Please check your registered email address if you have Ranked in the Top 100 for 2020, but have not provided your details. We absolutely love the quality of these T-shirts, and we hope you do too!

Thank you for taking the time to read this update, and for catching up with how things are progressing. Additional thanks to everyone who has taken the time to provide your honest feedback and suggestions.
2021 will see some of the most significant changes Pixel Starships has experienced.

With so much planned ahead, we hope to be able to provide updated sneak peeks and teasers as we progress. In the meantime, make sure you stay tuned on our Official PSS Discord and on our subreddit, as well as our Social Media channels for the latest content! Good (egg) Hunting, Captains.

-SavySoda Team