Post-Tournament Content Update

Hi Captains!

Our latest patch included some new content that would not be available until after the Tournament Finals. With the finals for February coming to a close, it’s time to cover the new changes!

  • New Defense Platform rooms have been added: The Avenger Defense System and Seeker Defense System! AA Room Stats have been updated, proceeding as the third Loadout option.

  • Shield Generator and Shield Battery Room Stats have been updated. In most cases, Reload Time has been reduced; while Charges of Shield restored per cast has been increased.

  • Hangar reload times have been halved at higher levels. This change has expanded playstyle options when assigning Pilot Crew, while requiring a meaningful response in Defensive/Offensive AI setups.

  • 2021 Tournament Chest Armor variants have had their Stat Bonus adjusted. Stat progression for these items now accurately reflects the effort associated with Tournament Equipment.

While only a short list, we plan to monitor these changes thoroughly for their potential effect on other areas of gameplay.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for our next Blueprint announcement, the upcoming Easter Event, and our plans for the largest content update of 2021!

Good Hunting, Captains.

-SavySoda Team