Galaxy Patch Notes V0.970

Hi Captains!

Please find the latest Patch Notes below. This update is now available on iOS, Android and Steam.

Please contact our Support Team if you experience any problems updating the game.

V0.970 Patch Notes
  • Rebalanced Stats for all Captain Crew
  • New Small Weapons Platform Levels 7-8 Loadout option, Irradiator
  • The Sterilizer is now a Dove Store Cosmetic variant for the Irradiator Room
  • Added display for Volley and Volley Delay under Missile Ammo Info
  • Updated AI for Zongzi Droids to Continue Current Job if Target Room Hp < 100%
  • Rebalanced all Med Bay Rooms. Healing increased from 1HP every 1.75sec to 2HP every 2 sec
  • Rebalanced Anti-Air Laser Range across all levels, Maximum Range increased from 1000 to 1200
  • Rebalanced stats across all levels of Missiles and Hangar Craft
  • Added new Research tier for all Missile Types, Android Types and Hangar Craft
  • Hangar Craft Base Stats have been reworked to match their role
  • Federation Super Laser EMP Duration increased from 1 sec to 3 sec
  • Items granting Ability now always show Values as a Percentage
  • Non-HP Rooms will no longer display a Destroyed sprite in Battle
  • Multiple Mining Drones can now be deployed on the same System at once
  • New Upgrade Requirements for all Lv5 Ship Hulls

  • Implemented fallback for primary UI Assets if Download fails
  • Increased Asset Download timeout to 120 seconds
  • Data file version checks are now compared/stored in a dedicated Server Environment
  • Client will no longer Delete files when changing Accounts
  • Implemented automatic Retries when encountering a Network Error when Finalizing Battles
  • Added a pop-up to Bank Menu notifying if a Subscription is on hold
  • Added a first-time only Warning when breaking Immunity via PvP
  • Added Link for “Forgot Password” to Login Screen
  • Added Support for AppLovin Ad Network
  • Updated Chat UI for improved layout

  • Fixed several Exceptions when switching between Ship Scene and Galaxy Map
  • Fixed minor bugs with building 1×2 rooms (Capacitor, Security Gate)
  • Fixed and optimized Background Object creation process
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Subscription Info panel’s Terms & Conditions button from being clickable
  • Fixed a bug preventing Ship Exteriors from saving Paint or Sticker layouts
  • Fixed a bug preventing successful Escapes from appearing during Replays
  • Fixed a bug causing the AI Menu ‘Room Selection’ dropdown to include Rooms stored in Inventory
  • Fixed a bug causing some Ammo Types displaying changes in the wrong color
  • Fixed a bug causing Galaxy Map Markers to display incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug causing Tournament Battle Attempts to display during normal Matchmaking

Thank you for all of your provided feedback, leading to many of the changes noted above. You can join these discussions in the Feedback section of our Official PSS Discord.

The Discord Mod team is also holding a competition for a new Server Icon design, make sure to check out some of the submissions so far!

We have a brand new Thanksgiving event starting soon – including New Challenges, Crew, Themed Rewards and much more. Keep your eyes to the stars for launch, Captains!

-SavySoda Team