Galaxy Patch Notes V0.961.2

Hi Captains!

Please find the latest Patch Notes below. This update is now available on Android and Steam, with iOS to follow.

Please contact our Support Team if you experience any problems updating the game.

V0.961.2 Patch Notes:
  • Teleport room will no longer “Reload” if it is not able to actually Teleport the Crew
  • Stasis Shield ability can no longer be used on Enemy Rooms
  • Urgent Repair can now be used on Rooms that have a Debuff Effect, but are not Damaged
  • Starbase Inspection no longer displays Starbux Loss values
  • Added “lock” status when Rushing a Room to prevent multiple requests

  • Fixed display issues with Reload Time and Cooldown Time bars in Room profile menus
  • Fixed a bug with Asset download failures displaying incorrect information
  • Fixed a bug with opening the Ammo-crafting menu while a relevant Ammo Research is running
  • Fixed a bug with Stickers disappearing after a Battle
  • Fixed a bug causing Immunity item Use confirmation to display Duration in seconds

With Tournament Finals approaching, we would like to wish you good luck and good hunting, Captains!

-SavySoda Team