Galaxy Patch Notes V0.961

Hi Captains!

The September Tournament has come to a close, congratulations to the top performers in each Division!

This month’s prize is a Unique Ship Armour Cosmetic effect, Hydrascale Armor. Radiant Scale, an alternate option, is now available for all players in the Dove Store


Radiant Scale

Please find the latest Patch Notes below. This update is scheduled to roll out on all Platforms over the next few hours.

These notes include some features that were partially rolled out in a prior update. The MacOS client will also be returning to the App Store soon.

Please contact us if you experience any problems updating the game.

V0.961.0 Patch Notes
  • Added New Mission List Menu in Galaxy Map
  • Added a Toggle option for the Galaxy Map Info Panel
  • Added New repeatable Missions for Starting Areas (Level 1)
  • Added a Download Notification on Game Launch
  • Added Support for New Weekend Event Types
  • Added New Legendary and Special Crew
  • Added New Crew Level/XP/Rarity Bar
  • Invader Crew has been added to The Gray Collection
  • Reduced Repair times for Starbases and all Ships Level 8 or above
  • Security/Trap rooms can no longer be placed on T2 grids
  • Rebalanced Lift Speed across Levels 3-14
  • Inspected Ships will now have Rooms hidden by default until Scanned
  • Scanned Ships now display potential Resource costs if the Battle is Lost
  • ‘Reload Rate’ changed to ‘Reload Time’ in Room Profile Panels
  • ‘CurrentRoom’ AI conditions can no longer Target 1 Grid Rooms
  • Added ‘Current Room Is EMPed’ and ‘Origin Room Is EMPed’ AI Conditions
  • Phase Shift and First Aid Abilities can now Trigger when not in Target Room
  • Crew AI will no longer be run while inside Lifts
  • Updated AI menu selections UI
  • Removed AI Chips from Market Filters
  • Super Mineral Crate upgraded to Epic Rarity
  • Mining Drones no longer take up an Inventory Slot
  • Players can now stock up to 3 Mining Drones
  • Each Mining Material now has 2 Mining locations
  • Mining Missions now provide increased Rewards
  • Crafting Materials from Void Particles and Shards have been rebalanced:

Gold Changed from: 3 Void Particle per Shard, 9 Shard per Bar
To: 4 Void Particle per Shard, 6 Shard per Bar

Titanium Changed from: 3 Void Particle per Shard, 9 Shard per Bar
To: 4 Void Particle per Shard, 6 Shard per Bar

Silicon Changed from: 3 Void Particle per Shard, 10 Shard per Bar
To: 5 Void Particle per Shard, 6 Shard per Bar

  • Fixed issue where Bank would still display Rewards when already Purchased
  • Fixed issue where moving Armor Blocks did not update Room Defence values correctly
  • Fixed Rearm Menu not calculating Costs correctly
  • Fixed bug that causes Crews to twitch when their Origin room is disabled by BFR
  • Fixed First Aid Ability not working properly in Ground Battles
  • Fixed bug with dropdown menus mistaking Drag action for Selection
  • Fixed animations for Dropship Reward collection
  • Fixed bug causing incorrect Time display
  • Fixed multiple UI elements not being extended on Devices with Safe Areas
  • Fixed a number of issues with Verification Emails
  • Fixed a number of Tutorial Errors

Prestige Trees have been reset. Players can now race to fill their roster before the next scheduled reset in January.

Good hunting, Captains – we hope you enjoy the Lunar Festival celebrations!

-SavySoda Team