Galaxy Patch Notes V0.953.4

Hi Captains!

Please find the latest Patch Notes below. This update is already rolling out and will be available on all Platforms over the next few hours.

Please contact us if you experience any problems updating the game.

V0.953.4 Patch Notes
  • New Unity update
  • Added new Social Media link buttons in Options Menu
  • Purchase UI no longer re-scales after purchasing Sales
  • Purchase UI will now display an Expiry Timer for Sales
  • Client will now only try to update Player Rankings once every 60 minutes
  • Crew Sidebar performance improved
  • Crew AI interface improved, new option to Scroll Up or Down
  • Changed Level Requirements to display ‘Equal to or Greater than’ instead of ‘Greater than’
  • VIP Rewards will no longer display if there are no Bonus Rewards

  • Mining Drones now cost 1 Starbux instead of 25 to reacquire
  • Removed 3-second wait for Training Consumables
  • Implemented a ‘Missing Chance Check’ for Hazards (Cryo-Freeze, etc.)
  • Added “Ship is Under Construction” text to Shipyard
  • Improved the trail effect for Missile’s (after hitting a Room in Battle)
  • New Hint: How to Prestige Crew
  • Crew that are not available will no longer count towards Collection Achievements

  • Fixed Galaxy Bob Crew Profile Sprite
  • Fixed an issue where the Server returns an Error after Accepting a Mission Battle
  • Fixed Surrender popup in battle not closing after pressing Confirm
  • Fixed Rearm Menu display check
  • Fixed an issue with New Promotions displaying incorrectly on certain devices
  • Fixed Mission Rewards incorrectly in Adventure Battle.
  • Fixed Mission Rewards providing lower than Level Average.
  • Fixed several Crew Attack animation issues
  • Fixed Hypergate Wrap not showing on Inspected Ships
  • Fixed Item Menu to no longer show Crew that are not on the Account

The next Major Update will be focussed on Performance and Stability.

Taking the time to address these issues will result in a better gameplay experience for all players – with more new and exciting content to follow soon after.

-SavySoda Team