Galaxy Patch Notes V0.953.2

Hi Captains!

Please find the latest Patch Notes below. This update is scheduled to roll out in the next few hours on Android and STEAM to start, with iOS and macOS to follow on approval.

Please contact us if you experience any problems updating the game.

V0.953.2 Patch Notes
  • Daily Mission descriptions now include ‘Recommended Level’
  • Added a slight delay to Mission Buttons before they can be Selected
  • Rush Command no longer triggers on Rooms that are 100% Loaded
  • Re-arm will no longer include costs from Rooms Under Construction
  • Rooms using Charges can no longer select AI to Set Ammo – None 
  • Objectives Panel now displays “Rewards expire in 7 days if uncollected”
  • Tournament Countdown now restarts after leaving and returning to Galaxy Map
  • Added new Ship Hull: Dragonstar
  • Added 2 new Crew Members, available in-game soon
  • ‘Infested Crew’ have been renamed as ‘Infected Crew’
  • Implemented Support for new operators for Item Requirements

  • Dolores Tutorial will no longer appear in Starbase
  • Dolores Tutorial will no longer prevent progress on powering Engines
  • Dolores Character Design now displays a new Profile Image

  • Fixed a bug with Hazards not being cleared after Battle
  • Fixed a bug with Mining Drones not being replaced by the ‘Ol Prospector
  • Fixed a bug with Achievements appearing as collectible after being collected
  • Fixed a bug with Achievements showing an invisible Badge
  • Fixed a bug with Dropship Timer display
  • Fixed a bug with Market Search display
  • Fixed a bug with StartBattle and FinaliseBattle displays
  • Fixed a bug with Invulnerability duration being halved in some cases
  • Fixed a bug with Crew appearing outside of Ship
  • Fixed a bug with Ship Upgrade Timers not displaying correctly
  • Fixed a bug with Hwacha Missiles facing the wrong way on Defending Ships
  • Fixed a bug with Re-arm calculation for ammo-based Weapons
  • Fixed a bug with Ammo-changing behavior of Missile-based Weapons
  • Fixed a bug with Starbux cost for Rushing Ammo Refill
  • Fixed a bug with Reward Scene (Opening Crates)
  • Fixed a bug with Stasis Shield not preventing Hull Damage
  • Fixed a bug with Sprite position for Rush Command
  • Fixed a bug with Replays not clearing old reference data on Restart
  • Fixed a bug with ‘Set Item To None’ AI resulting in all Ammo being expended
  • Fixed a bug with TargetCurrentRoom AI not working on Opponent Ships
  • Fixed a bug with TargetCurrentRoom AI applying on Disabled Rooms

As a quick reminder, this Tournament will proceed without any changes, using last month’s ruleset.

Please note: Prestige Recipes will be changing on the 1st of July. Don’t forget to get those last Prestige Combo’s started!

-SavySoda Team