Galaxy Patch Notes v0.953

Hi Captains!

Please find the latest Patch Notes below. This update is scheduled to roll out later today on all platforms, including STEAM and MacOS.

Please contact us if you experience any problems updating the game.

V0.953 Patch Notes
  • New room Sprites & Visual upgrades
  • Improved Tutorial progression
  • Multiple Client Performance improvements
  • Extensive Server Performance improvements
  • Account Security enhancements for STEAM
  • Added STEAM Achievements
  • Added Client support for Kickstarter Rewards

  • Players will no longer be returned to the Galaxy Map after watching Replay
  • Replay Battle UI tweaks, added new button to play frame-by-frame
  • Expired Replays will no longer display on Starlog
  • Galaxy Map optimisation & UI improvements
  • AI Command UI improvements
  • Bank Panel UI improvements

  • Added Synth Parts Missions to Galaxy Map.
  • Mission rewards have been changed to scale with difficulty
  • Mining missions no longer steal your Mining Drone

  • Stasis Shield now blocks Enemy Crew from Teleporting into the room
  • Crew now highlight with appropriate colors when dragging equipment from inventory
  • Rooms disabled by BFR can no longer be Attacked or Targeted
  • Fixed a bug with reactors not redistributing Power correctly when disabled by BFR
  • Fixed a bug where Hwacha volleys have a chance of Targeting the same room
  • Fixed a bug with Freeze ability where the frozen Crew cannot be Targeted
  • Fixed a bug where newly built Rooms would not have their default AI
  • Fixed a bug with Shop Button displaying incorrect values

Please note: We will be distributing Kickstarter Rewards a short time after this patch. This schedule is tentative, as any patch issues will need to be addressed first. 

We will post an announcement once rewards have been handed out. Thanks!