Galaxy Superweapons Preview

Hi Captains!

Today we wanted to provide a quick preview of the new faction Superweapons introduced in Galaxy. Each weapon has a unique design, feel and function – providing a massive array of possible strategies!

As a quick reminder, our Kickstarter Campaign CLOSES SOON! We will NOT be able to provide access to the Kickstarter packs outside their limited availability.

Federation Super Laser

The pinnacle laser tech weaponry developed by the Federation navy. It is capable of dealing serious damage across entire bodies of ships, split between each room. Enemy crew are hard-pressed to find shelter when every room is a target!

STAT: SCI | Max Crew: 4 | Max Power: 4

Hwacha Drone Launcher

A devastating Qtarian weapon designed to mass launch swarms of remote-controlled explosive drones at enemy targets. With a volley of Missiles, enemies will need to have their Engine bays running double-time!

STAT: PLT | Max Crew: 4| Max Power: 4

Big Flying Rocket (B.F.R)

Outlawed and banned across all civilized space, this black market weapon is capable of wrecking battle assets beyond immediate repair. The target room cannot be repaired in battle. Ships docked for repair often tell tales of Pirates… just stories, surely.

STAT: ENG | Max Crew: 4| Max Power: 4

Stay safe, Captains! We can’t wait for you to see what else is coming in Galaxy!