Announcing Pixel Starships: Galaxy!

Hi Captains!

Today we officially announce the next giant leap for Pixel Starships,

Pixel Starships: Galaxy!


it’s coming soon to Steam!


We’re running a Kickstarter to Celebrate!

Galaxy is the largest update Pixel Starships has ever seen. The team has done their very best to keep as much information about this update under wraps as possible, and we cannot wait to show you what’s in store. Needless to say, Galaxy is going to be a completely new PSS experience for all players.

We plan to provide updates teasing new additions to the game over time, but for now, we have included a host of new information on the new Galaxy Kickstarter Campaign page!

Our Kickstarter campaign will be running all throughout April! However, you can see an early preview here. Make sure you follow the page to be notified once the campaign goes live! It’ll be running for strictly one month only with no extensions.

Your support is what makes Pixel Starships possible, and we do not take that lightly. Funds raised will be directly applied to improving, expanding, polishing/testing Galaxy and…

…the release of Pixel Starships on STEAM!

As an indie developer, there were countless barriers to make this long-standing goal a reality. Admittedly, this took a lot longer than we thought. We wanted to thank each and every one of you for your patience as the team pressed on. You can find our Steam Page now live here. Make sure you add to the wishlist so that download can start as soon as we release the early access on 1st of May 2020!

Thank you for being with us on this amazing journey so far. We cannot express how excited we are for players to see all the changes and new game features in Galaxy.

Stay alert, Captains… the greatest changes, frontiers and challenges are soon to come!

The Savysoda Team