Looking Forward: Transparency

We would like to address a few concerns regarding the percentage chances of randomly generated in-game items (Using a system commonly known as RNG or Random Number Generator).

We believe transparency to be extremely important as developers. It allows our players a glimpse into the extensive considerations involved when making any change. It’s also a valuable tool in terms of player feedback, enabling the community to take part in the discussion and weigh in with their concerns.

Over the weekend, we posted updates and changes as the team discussed the best action to take in regards to the most recent tournament. In retrospect, the turmoil these posts caused would justify waiting on a final decision before providing public updates, and we apologise for that.

However, we still feel that transparency is the best policy moving forward. To help achieve that goal, we will be adding a Statistics/Probabilities table for all items that use random number generation. This includes Scratchy’s and Training Consumables.

Please know that this is not a legal response, as Pixel Starships will never sell Lootboxes, or charge actual currency for randomized rolls. We simply believe this to be good practice and beneficial to all players, and would like to see it adopted by the entire industry.

As always, please feel free to contact us directly with any feedback via email at mail@savysoda.com or by logging in to our Discord’s Feedback channel.

Safe journey, Captains!