Into 2020

Happy new year, captains, and welcome to 2020! This year promises to be a big one for Pixel Starships, with lots of new content planned, not the least of which is the release of the Galaxy Map Expansion. The full galaxy, featuring dozens of systems and hundreds of never-before-seen missions, is expected to graduate from development early in the second quarter. In the lead-up to this, we’ve got some new content and quality of life improvements in the pipeline.

Extra XP events

This is a feature that players have been making noise about for some time, so we won’t hold you in any further suspense: Bonus XP events are confirmed, and will be rolling out soon. This differs from our previous XP events, which generated XP items from winning battles. Our new bonus events will instead provide a multiplier to XP earned in battle during the period. Easy!

New crew abilities

In order to keep a lively level of competition in the active PSS community, we strive to encourage a briskly shifting meta-game. To increase the range of strategies available to players, we’re introducing two active crew abilities: ‘Phaseshift’ and ‘Stasis Shield.’ The first of these, Phaseshift, renders the user temporarily invulnerable and unable to be targeted. The related Stasis Shield ability instead affects the room the user is in, temporarily applying invulnerability to the room and its inhabitants, and making it impossible for enemy attacks to target the room for the duration (but any ongoing effects like fire or EMP will continue.) It is our hope that we’ll see these new abilities utilized in all manner of new and exciting strategies.

Special events

As ever, PSS will be celebrating various notable holidays with special free-to-play events, and limited edition crews and items. Case in point: In the next few weeks, we’ll be debuting a special mission chain for Chinese New Year, which will give every player the opportunity to celebrate the holiday in true PSS style (read: Violently.) This is just one of many weird and wonderful events planned for a busy year of pixellated space battles!

We look forward to taking these next steps alongside you, captain.
Stay safe out there,
The SavySoda team.