PSS changelog, 23/08/2019

A.I. Changes Incoming:

  • New AI conditions available soon: ‘Your ship has no cloak’ and ‘Enemy ship has no cloak’ triggers can now be used by crews and rooms.
  • New AI command available soon: ‘Set Power to 2’ action can now be used with applicable rooms.

Equipment changes:

  • Added Hero tier upgrades for Daft Kittus Helmet, Visiri gunner helm, and Ragdoll mask.
  • Visiri gunner helm crafting recipe changed, now requires 5 gold, 5 Titanium, and 10 Scrap iron.
  • New equipment upgrade tree for Visiri gunner greaves: Added craftable elite, epic and hero tiers of Visiri greaves.
  • Visiri gunner greaves crafting recipe changed to incorporate new equipment: Now requires 1 Dark Matter, and 1 elite tier Visiri greaves.
  • (Hotfix) Increased attack value of Daft Dad Kittus Helmet from +0.7 to +0.8.