Event Horizon 2 – Mining, Trading, exploring, oh my!

Hey hey, Captains,
This coming weekend, we’ll be releasing the greatly anticipated second installation of the Event Horizon story-line. In addition to the travel system and global tasks showcased in the first Event Horizon, we’ll be unveiling a number of new features for the PSS: Galaxies expansion.
Having successfully repelled a Visiri invasion fleet in the previous event, our stalwart captains find themselves with a new mission: Professor Brenda needs their help locating rare metals for another wild science experiment. To this end, we’ll need to utilize the keynote features of the upcoming event: Exploring, mining, and trading.


It is intended that some single-player elements of the Galaxies expansion focus on travel and discovery, and this is reflected in the mechanics on display in the Event Horizon. The first feature we’ll explore is, fittingly, exploration. A solar system is large place, and if you want to find everything it has to offer, you’ll have to spend some time looking around. When your ship arrives in a new system, it will begin to explore the system automatically. A progress bar beneath the system name displays the percentage of the location that you’ve explored. Leaving the system will halt the exploration, but don’t worry: The exploration will start up again when you return. Certain missions and features can only be accessed when you’ve explored enough of the system. Similarly, until a system is completely explored, you won’t be able to access any new system connections it might have.


Next up, we have mining. Some systems, when fully explored, will unlock a mining mission, giving the player the opportunity to harvest the natural resources found therein. In order to activate the mission, you’ll need to have a special mining drone available (Ask Professor Brenda about acquiring one,) which you’ll plant in your chosen location. Once you’ve set your mining drone to work, it’ll do so automatically: You can go about your business, and in a few hours the drone will return with whatever treasures it dug up. Easy!


Finally, we come to trading. At a number of locations around the galaxy map, you’ll find unique traders and merchants, each one on the hunt for special materials. Providing them with what they need can turn you a tidy profit, and maybe net other special rewards! You’ll have the opportunity to test this out in the upcoming Event Horizon, as you race against time to supply Professor Brenda with the resources she’ll need.

We at Savy are very excited to lift the lid on these new features, and hope they excite our players as much as they do us.

Good luck out there, captains,
The Savysoda team.