February Tournament Review

Hi Captains!

Creating and ensuring a fair and competitive environment is a core responsibility of Pixel Starships. At the same time we want to ensure the rules are dynamic enough for players to come up with creative strategies to compete and challenge each other while staying within the spirit of the game.

Over the past few days, we have received reports from various sources on ways to take advantage of the current Tournament System. The top 3 issues raised are:

• Matchmaking algorithm can be taken advantage of through revenge
• Players are able to jump between different fleet divisions to boost stars
• Immunity can be taken advantage through timed usage

Our engineers are assessing the best fix for each of the raised concerns. This is our design teams’ top priority, but it does take time to investigate and make these changes. We should be in a position to implement an improved matchmaking solution in the next 2-3 weeks.

For the current tournament we have decided to leave current rules as is. We believe the problems raised are caused more so from inherent design oversights with the tournament rules more so than players utilising them to advantage.

After internal meetings, our official stance at this stage on the above 3 issues is that they are considered loopholes. The issues can be utilised by any fleet or player. In this instance, we have decided they do not fall under outright cheating but we are working very hard to address these issues for the next Tournament.